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    1. Hello, welcome to come “Changzhou Wish International Trade Co., Ltd.” Official website!

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      Wish International
      About us

      About us

      Changzhou Wish International Trade Co., Ltd.(Housings Changzhou Wish Trading Co., Ltd.)Established in 2010, it is located in the Yangtze River Delta region of China with convenient transportation and rapid economic development. The company is mainly engaged in the world's major brand connectors (plastic shells, terminals and accessories), involving industries such as automobiles, computers, home appliances, industrial equipment and military.America DELPHI、TE、MOLEX,Japan SUMITOMO、YAZAKI、TOKAI RIKA、JAE、JST,Korea KET、Germany BOSCH、KSD and many more. The company's business is mainly concentrated in Asia, Europe and North America, with stable supply capacity and rapid spot coordination. With excellent technical services, strong sales team and perfect management system, the company has won good reputation and recognition from customers in the industry.
      Connect the world, connect you and me, Wei Xue International vows to create a virtuous circle between customers and connectors!...
      Wish International
      Wish International